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 Makers Unite is a creative platform for social inclusion producing beautiful everyday products made from sustainable and up-cycled materials. Their collection is handcrafted with love by newcomers and locals in an unique production process that combines the making of products with a talent development program. Talents discovered in their program are matched to their network of partners while the revenue of our products is reinvested in their social inclusion programs supporting refugees in their access to the labor market.

I’m really excited to collaborate with Makers Unite. I’m currently raising funds for 2019 and I’m involved in developing their long term strategic plans.

BORO*ATELIER is a studio In Amsterdam where sustainable baby products are being designed and produced. All the products are made of organic fabrics and are colored with 100% natural ingredients. BORO*MINI is the brand name of the baby products, the baby goods are being sold via their webshop and you can find them in the high end children's clothing stores. 

The BORO*MINI products are being produced by participants of learning trajectories.  BORO*ATELIER offers learning trajectories for women and refugees to reintegrate them into employment.

I have successfully supported BORO*ATELIER in obtaining their seed capital and I’m currently supporting them in applying for additional funding for the two coming years.  In addition I support them in establishing a long term collaboration with the Gemeente Amsterdam and I advise BORO in thier short term and longterm financial planning.


Riley Sayards 2 _atelier actie.jpg

Boro Atelier

Inside the studio

BORO*MINI is very proud of the collaboration with Keen Pepper. Nienke is committed and engaged and has made valuable contributions to our business plan. She supported us, in a very positive way, in finding our way in the world of private and public funding and with result! We have managed to obtain our seed capital and we are very happy and pleased with our funding partners. We would have never accomplished this without the support of Nienke.
— Lotje Terra - founder of BORO*MINI
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STICHTING Babyspullen


Stichting Babyspullen is a foundation that helps under privileged (mostly young) mothers give their new-borns a better start. In the Netherlands, 1 out of 9 children is growing up in poverty. In big cities this number is even more alarming, 1 out of 4 children is born and raised in an underprivileged situation.

Throughout the Netherlands, Stichting Babyspullen has drop-off points for in kind donations such as new and second-hand baby clothes. Out of these in kind donations Stichting Babyspullen produces boxes of baby necessities for families in need.  

I successfully supported the foundation in applying for a national govermental subsidy "Kansen voor alle kinderen'.    


Nienke supported us successfully in obtaining a substantial public subsidy. Nienke is a real professional: with asking the right questions she is able to determine the exact needs of an organization and translate them in to a comprehensive plan. She helped structuring our plans and gave us valuable advise; we are very pleased with her support!
— Marjolijn Hermus - Stichting Babyspullen