In East Africa I partner with Breaking New Business Ground. Breaking New Business Ground is an entrepreneurial consultancy, established by Martine Berger in 2016, focussing on Innovation and New Technology to provide a wide portfolio of new solutions to address trends, changes and challenges in East-Africa.


Nienke is a bridge builder: a sharp listener, with insight into the playing field of international development and able to envision what is needed to keep everyone moving forward. She is impact-driven and solution-focused and a passionate leader when it comes to making sustainable change happen. On top she has a good sense of humour. She is a great person to partner with in Africa.
— Martine Berger, owner of Breaking New Business Ground

SVR Office support offers financial and administrative support to a wide range of companies. I partner with Sonja (owner of SVR) in offering financial support and services to my clients. 

Collaborating with Keen Pepper gives me positive energy. Nienke is energetic and very pleasant to work with. She has in depth knowledge on a broad range of relevant subjects and she applies her skills, knowledge and experience effectively in supporting entrepreneurs. Nienke focuses primarily on the needs and future plans of her clients and translates them in to professional and valuable advise. With this approach she realizes a lot of success.
— Sonja van Rijswijk owner of SVR Office Support