About NIENKE Poortvliet

Social entrepreneurship is what I’m passionate about. I truly believe in the power of social businesses and their ability to create social and environmental change.

Most of the problems we face are simply too big for any one entity to solve. To achieve social progress and to create impact, businesses depend on collaboration with civil society, government and other businesses. I belief social enterprises can play a key role in establishing and defining this collaboration.

Above all, I belief that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today. Passionate social enterprises with new insights and heightened aspirations, willing to work across the divides between philanthropy, government, and business, can transform our world. 

This conviction and everything I have done in my career so far has now led me to the core business of Keen Pepper: supporting social entrepreneurship in Europe and East Africa.

I’m equipped with an extensive network, relevant (local) knowledge and dedicated conviction to bring about positive new business solutions. I am a result driven strategic thinker with well developed analytical skills.

My experiences range from fundraising, coaching, matchmaking with relevant partners and project – and program management. 


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